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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Letters

Last week I talked a little about my trip to Hilton Head with the girls (which was crazy fun btw); but what I didn't tell you was that while I was preparing to leave on Friday, my husband had been in Boston for that whole week prior (Monday through Thursday). Fortunately he only travels every now and then and it's not an all too often thing because I hate it when I am in the house alone. Cah-reepy. Anyway, I basically got to see my husband for a total of 4 hours last week. Boo. I missd him.

Before we got married we took our premarital classes through our church at Southeast Christian (aka Six Flags over Jesus) and the program we went through was a huge blessing. Not only did we go through group classes but we also got marriage mentors that we met with for about 6 weeks. One thing our mentors suggested doing was keeping a notebook to write in throughout our marriage. In it we could write each other letters filled with only good stuff and the idea is to look at it when times get tough or it will be something our kids will have one day when we are gone.

On the day of our wedding I handed Nick our notebook with the first love letter from me. Admittedly there is no set schedule for the letters or no turn taking... we just write when we feel like it. Imagine my surprise when I wake up on Tuesday after I get back from my trip and peep in the notebook to find a letter from my husband telling me how much he missed me while we were apart. Melt. My. Heart.

I know some may think this is cheesy but seriously people, how cute is it to think that one day our children will have a keepsake of our marriage. Not only that, but you can't help but read what your husband wrote and it put a huge smile on your face. It seriously does. It's not all gushy and mushy... sometimes it could be that I thank him for helping in the yard and taking care of things that needed fixing. I really believe it is important to share the things you appreciate in your spouse.

I just thought I would share about how blessed I am to have a husband that tells me he misses me when I am gone. Although I am sure the letter thing is not for everyone, it is something special so I wanted to share just in case you think it is too! :)