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Hi! I'm Kim- a wife, momma, daughter, sister, friend. I love UK, going out for a good glass of wine, cooking, spending too much time on pinterest, and making new memories. I love my life and you're welcome to read about it!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

We're almost there....

It was this time last year that I was officially counting down to a month before our wedding. That's right, today we have been married 11 months. Where has time gone really? I don't even know.  This year has been wonderful but it hasn't been without its share of annoyances. It really is quite the adjustment when you move in with a boy for the first time. I am most certainly sure that sometimes Nick looks at me like I am the weirdest quirkiest person he has ever met.

Here are a look at our engagement pictures. We loved working with our photographers, Nina and Wes Mullins. They are from Lexington and I loved their work... not to mention they are super nice! You can check out their website at Nina Mullins Photography and you can check out their blog at When We Belong and read all about their recent adoption of two cute sweet babies!

That last one is probably my favorite picture of us. I love it even though he does have on that dirty bird shirt. See, our marriage is definitely full of struggles... how else could a UK fan and UofL fan live under one roof?