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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's A Girl To Do?

I have a hair appointment this Saturday that I am pretty excited about. I'm totally the kind of person that will put off a hair appointment and put it off and then all of the sudden want it done and want it done NOW! I can't help it. Probably because 1. I am lazy and 2. I am a tight wad.
Let's be honest for a minute. It is expensive to get your hair done and while I love all things girly and getting pampered, I love having that padding in my bank account even more (I just realized my husband will love this post and the fact that I just said that).

Anyway, after my hairstylist went and moved to Tampa on me, I called up my friend Clelie and booked an appointment with her. She has never done my hair before as far as color or cut but she did my wedding hair and I trust her completely. It might help that I know her in real life and can be honest with her and tell her what I think.

So I am debating some new hair styles and would love your opinion. My hair is long right now so I was thinking I need a little length taken off so I won't be so hot and it will keep me from picking my split ends. Hey, I am being honest...

So which one do you like?


tiffany lee

i like the first one :)


I love Kristin Cavillari, the first one. I actually have that picture saved somewhere...and would LOVE that haircut, but know it's not really for me. The third one is probably the most low maintenance in terms of every day styling...so think about that (I've learned that one the hard way, ha!)