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Hi! I'm Kim- a wife, momma, daughter, sister, friend. I love UK, going out for a good glass of wine, cooking, spending too much time on pinterest, and making new memories. I love my life and you're welcome to read about it!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's been a year!

Tomorrow will be exactly one year since the day I married my best friend. I remember bits and pieces of the day; the stirring commotion and jittery butterflies. I remember arriving at my venue and getting to our suite where my friend Clelie was ready to do our hair. I remember the first time I walked onto the terrace to have a look at my groom and the tears that followed. I remember taking pictures in my dress down by the river in downtown Louisville... which led to me sweating profusely in 100 degree weather. In turn I almost passed out and went straight to the suite and instructed my bridesmaids to "Please get me OUT of this dress!" That may have been my only bridezilla moment of the day! :)  I was so nervous before walking down the aisle that I thought I might puke, but there really is something in seeing your groom waiting for you at the end that made the whole room go quiet. I don't remember much about the ceremony or the reception.... they were both blurs of memories and excitement. Looking back the day went by too fast. I wished I had stopped more that day; took a little more snapshots of the moments I was making with my best friends and family.  The first year of our marriage seems to have gone by just as fast but I know that I will have a lifetime of memories to make with Nick.

Tonight we are celebrating with dinner. I don't really know where we are going, but I know Nick has put thought into where he wants to take me. He is always thoughtful like that. We will be coming home to some wedding cake dessert, which I am both interested and scared about. Ours will probably be freezer burned and moldy!

I'll be sure to post some wedding pictures tomorrow along with the deets of our dinner and presents!! I can't wait to get mine :)