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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY? I Did It!

Remember in this post where I talked about trying to paint my new dresser that I scored off Craigslist? What, that was so long ago you don't even remember what I'm talking about? Yeah, I got the point. Good news for you, you can click back on that linky loo and see what the heck I'm gabbing about!

Needless to say, a project that takes the average person a couple of days, takes me about a couple of months. I move at a snails pace people and I'm proud of it!

Seriously though, here is what the china cabinet looked like before the paint.

I went to my local paint store (if you are from around here you MUST buy your paint from BJ Andriots. Trust.) Their oh-so-knowledgeable staff pointed me in the right direction (like always) and suggested some cleaner and primer to start my project.

I lightly sanded my cabinet even though it wasn't recommended because this cleaner is supposed to be wonderful. I then washed my cabinet with some TSP. Basically I just read the directions, added water, and went over the cabinet with a sponge. Easy enough, no?

I then used a primer called Stix to put an overall coat before I started my painting. Sorry I have no photos, I haven't really gotten into the habit of being a play-by-play kinda girl. You understand.

After that I put on a couple of coats of Benjamin Moore... forgive me but I don't really remember the name of it but it is a soft blue with a hint of green. Side note... follow me people---------> I will NOT ever buy any other brand of paint except for Benjamin Moore. If I find another color I like in a different brand, great, awesome, fabulous but I will march my booty over to my paint store and have them mix it in a BM base. Why, do you ask? I've used other paints before... lets just say I happen to get lazy from time to time... and every time I have completely regretted it. I finally came to my senses the last time I bought another supposed-to-be-good-I-have-commercials-all-over-tv paint and I seriously had streaks running down my walls to a paint that wouldn't dry.

Ok, enough of my soap box moment.

After I put on a couple of coats it was ready to move into its rightful place in my dining room, where it will be cherished and adored every time I turn the corner.

Ahhhh so pretty! I am going to eventually line the inside with a some type of design or wallpaper, but for now I am content just how it is.

*Please note that I am only promoting the paint store and Benjamin Moore because I seriously love their product. That's it, they did not offer me anything to talk about them on this blog (besides I have all of about 2 readers). Plus, I am a small town girl and I believe in promoting small town business. So Ha!