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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Run Nick Run

This past Saturday we ventured to downtown Louisville, at 6 in the morning mind you, so that the hubs could run in this years Derby mini-marathon. Yes, that would be 13.1 miles of running goodness (or torture if you're talking to me). Fortunately for my hubs, he loves to run which makes this the perfect little tradition for him. I tried to train for it last year but soon found out I love to lay on the couch and cook dinner more. I digress.

Anyway, my hubs and I have been getting back into shape since the beginning of the year. We have CHANGED our eating habits and exercise at least 3 days a week. This has helped him get in such great shape for this years race... and it paid off! His time from last year was around an hour and 45 minutes and this year he ran it in 1:33:51 which is awesome. I was such the proud wifey cheering from the sidelines!

This next picture is a bit distorted because I took it from my phone while he was running. You wouldn't believe how many people run in this mini marathon/full marathon. I'm talking 15,000+. Nick was in group B (based on your running times the faster you are the closer to the front you get) and I promise you it took 20 minutes for people to just get through the starting line because they were in group F or more.

The finish line was a street over. Basically the whole race was a big loop around downtown Louisville.

I snapped this right as he was getting ready to cross the finish line. He was checking his watch to see if his time matched the finish line time. Every runners bib has a chip on it so it automatically starts when you cross the starting line and finish line. Therefore, the finish line clock might be off by a couple of minutes. Your official time is your bib time.

After the race and after getting his medal (which all runners get) he was exhausted but we treated ourselves to breakfast at Toast on Market when we left. It was extremely hard work watching people run 13.1 miles. He He.

Clock Time
Chip Time
Overall Place
257 / 11383
Gender Place
222 / 4952
Division Place
37 / 630
Age Grade

I am so proud of him! And doesn't he look cute in his outfit? He likes to coordinate :)