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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Healty Continued....

Sorry it has taken me so long in between posts! Between blogger hiatus and me forgetting to take pictures of my grocery cart this past Sunday, I was kind of putting of the posts. Blogger fail, I know!
If you read Stephanie's original post about the eating rules please don't think you can't do it. If I can do it, then you most certainly can do it. If you want some answers to some really good questions then you can find some answers in this Live It questions post that she did where she answers questions about fruit, exercise, and even what her typical meals look like.

My biggest advice for starting this is PLAN PLAN PLAN! Each weekend I sat down and jotted down what we were going to eat for dinner and lunches each week and then built my grocery list from there. It was pretty simple especially since I was doing this already each week, I was just shifting the focus. Each meal typically had a lean meat and a side of veggies. Growing up with a great cook for a mom (and living in the south probably has something to do with it) I had to get away from the thinking that you have to have 3 sides with every meal. You totally don't. D'uh on my part.

This is where I really wish I had that picture of my grocery cart. My hubs and I are kind of  grocery snobs with our cart full of fresh vegetables and meat. That's it. No boxed dinners or frozen prepared meals. Stay away from those! Not only are they not healthy for you as far as calories and fat, they are also full of perservatives. And don't worry about the time you save by buying those boxed meals. Really, are you more worried about having an extra 10 minutes to sit on your butt or your health? It's a no brainer for me.

I will admit the first two weeks of eating this way is the hardest because in those 2 weeks you can only have meat and veggies. But once you can add the fruit back in, it really is a piece of cake. Once you go without sweets, eating the fruit again tastes so sweet and completely satisfies those cravings.

I promise to do better next Sunday and actually take a picture of our shopping cart. Hmmm I may even have to set a reminder on my phone! :)