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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grand Theft Auto... and a Bach Party too!

So my bff Emily and her cute fiance are getting married in June! I cannot wait because I just know she will be the prettiest bride ever. Her MOH, which you can find right over here at Baby Webb Site, is the hottest preggo momma you ever did see and she is scheduled to deliver little Warren in May... the DAY we leave for our bachlorette weekend in Hilton Head. So, Rach threw a pre-bachlorette party on Friday night where some of us girls and the MOB and MOG made an appearance. It was so much fun to hang out and not to mention great that Rach took it upon herself to get everyone a Gigi's cupcake. Yum!

Here is Emily in her adorbs tutu and veil that Rach sewed all by herself. She is so good at it (even though she doesn't think she is). Rach even made me a lingerie bag for when I got married last July.

And here is Emily opening her many presents... some nice and some not so nice :)

So typically when us girls get together...something is going to go down. Usually it's prank calling half of the people we know or having a rap off at 4 am... ahem Emily and Rachel! Friday night was no exception. Since Rachel was preggo we thought we would walk all the presents to her car before the girls went to another bar. I had to work the next morning and being the soba sista we thought it would be a good idea to pick up Rachel's car from the valet, put the presents in, drive it to where my car was so then I could leave and the girls with me could go back in the bar. Sounded good, right? Not so much. When we hand the valet our ticket for the car he casually mentions something about a BMW and walks off. I think nothing of it until I see this blinged out black BMW 750 LI roll up and park. I seriously said outloud "Guys I don't think Rachel and Lee have a Beemer!?" But we figured if that's the car he brought us then it must be right! So I hop in, take about 10 minutes to figure out that space ship of a car, and then drive off scared out of my mind. All the while we are trying to justify everything in the car: golf clubs in the trunk? Possible. Two bibles in the backseat? Most definitely. Baby screen on the window? Check. Could be theirs, right.....?!?!?  Fast forward to 15 minutes later when I am driving home and I get the phone call that says "Kim that WASN'T HER CAR!" Holy Beejeezus I had just driven a complete strangers $90,000 car! Too bad I wasn't there when the girls had to walk to keys back to the valet and tell them it was in fact, not our car.... to see the look on his face! Crackin' me up...

It was a fun night and I love it when I get to hang out with the girls I have grown up with since the age of about 5. Only a month and a half until your big day Emily!


Mommy Webb

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! One of the funniest things that has ever happened to us and that says a lot, huh?;) I'm loving the blog, sister.

tiffany lee

haahhahaha! i cant even imagine you doing such an awful thing ;)


that is so freakin hilarious!! I cant not imagine that happening! But it would be awesome driving a car like that!!!

Ms. Emily Ann

Oh my goodness!! That's too funny!!! Hopefully the owner of the beemer had a sense of humor :)

Your friend Emily looked so cute... love the tutu!