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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinner Party... Why Yes!

I promise I am almost done writing about how hubs and I ended up hitched. I just want to get it out there 1. because lets be honest, he is my life and I spend every single day with him... so if I'm not writing about this then it would probably be something else with him involved :) and 2. well just cause I want to, thats why!

Let's just say I had no clue an engagement was coming...on that night! We had definitely talked about it and it was pretty much solidified that it was going to happen when he bought a house in my hometown... but I at least thought it would be another couple of months or longer. So this leads right up to where I cook my own engagement dinner. Nick had just moved into this new home and it was right around Thanksgiving. We had spent so much time getting it ready and hadn't really had people over yet to celebrate so he suggested that we host our families over for Thanksgiving! Perfect! I love me some dinner parties! So I planned and I thought out a menu and even hit up tar-jay and whole foods for the best of the best! Who am I kidding... I love to impress people with my meals! ha
So basically I spend the whole day shopping and cooking and STRESSING that it wasn't going to come out right....

Please excuse the people who didn't bother to get out of the way of the pics... ahem mom and dad!  The dinner was fabulous if I do say so myself... if you want the recipes just ask!
So I was blissfully unaware what was about to take place that night. My mom and dad and his mom and step-dad show up and we talk and sit down to a nice dinner. Nick and I sit at the ends of the table and at the end of the meal Nick says hold on a minute and walks back into the bedroom. He starts passing out chocolates to everyone (he even took the time to get my mom white chocolate because he knows she can't have regular) and then I get mine and my ring was inside! He kneels beside me and starts talking about who knows what because guess what... I wasn't even listening at that point! ha! I was just cryin' and laughing and not payin' attention... but I figured there was a question in there somewhere so I said YES! Duh!

Here are some pics to prove it ya'll!

It was so awesome to share that with our parents and we even got these cool pics to look at and show our kiddos one day. It was perfect!


Just the Two of US

Yay! I'm sooo excited you blog!!! I didn't even know!!!!

tiffany lee

awh kimmy that was so cute! i hope someone captures my engagement... somedayyy!


That is so awesome Kim! I bet you couldnt have imagined it any other way!