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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear Santa

Well, Christmas is in full swing. You can definitely tell by the 3 Christmas trees in my house and all of the outside lights that have been going up at our neighbors houses over the past week. I've got my first Christmas party (or as we call it Christmas Gala) with my girl friends on Saturday. I'm looking forward to spending time with them and doing what we do best... eat, drink, and open presents!

Speaking of, these are a few of the things that will be making Sam's first Christmas quite a merry one!
Sam's Christmas

He will also be getting this high chair from his Nonna and Poppy. It's a Mamas and Papas Juice high chair and I love that it is simple and modern looking and its not too too big. I swear some high chairs you look at need their own zip code.

Of course, there are also some really cute Christmas pj's and outfits that he will get as well. Can't wait to celebrate this time of year with him! I'd say he's going to have a pretty great Christmas. 


katie ridings

baby toy time!! Mine just came in the mail today :) I love me some amazon!!