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Friday, February 17, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Anyone?

This post is kind of about our valentines date this year and kind of about how I am a complete idiot. You'll enjoy it I'm sure.
This year Nick made our Valentines plans and didn't tell me where or what we were doing... he's good like that. I had my suspicions that we were eating (we BETTER have been eating. This preggo momma is hungry) and then something else afterward (movie perhaps?)
All in all I was right. He took me to this great restaurant in Louisville called Limestone and then to see the movie The Vow. It was a wonderful night out and it seems as though those have been few and far between since getting pregnant and being sick all. the. time.

We exchanged presents; he got me flowers, and the new Twilight movie and I got him a new case for this fancy schmancy new Macbook Pro I am typing on. I'm in love with this thing... and my husband too for that matter.
I had this thought that since we celebrated Valentines on Saturday that I would make him something special the day of Valentines Day... Chocolate Covered Strawberries!! YUM. Want to see how they turned out? Oh you are gonna love it.....

Yep, my lazy bum didn't even get around to doing it. So what do I get but rotten strawberries and a bag of chocolate chips that I can't even eat. It's kind of funny really how far I've fallen from this time last year... it kind of made me laugh. You see, this time last year Nick might as well have been eating strawberries covered in gold. Yep, the boy might have had the most expensive strawberries I will EVER buy again.
This is where my bone-headedness comes in.

So last year I went to the mall on the day we were celebrating Valentines day. I had high hopes to get a million things accomplished... pick out a present, stop by VS, pick out an outfit for dinner, and finally stop by the store and get stuff to make him some chocolate covered strawberries. It was a good plan. An ambitious plan, no doubt and I saw after a while that it just wasn't going to happen. I had to make an adjustment and much to my luck (uhhh) there in the mall was a Godiva! Score. I bustled my butt on in there, stood in the super long line and when it was my turn I ordered up a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. 
Now let me be clear, they looked delicious but I should have known something was up when I couldn't find a price on their menu board. HELLO, KIM! RED FLAG! But how much can strawberries cost, right? *chuckle chuckle*
So here the sweet girl boxes up the strawberries, ties a pretty bow around the box and rings me up... I then proceed to choke on my tongue. $100 freakin dollars for strawberries... I panicked. I mean, how can I say never mind when the people in line are staring at me, waiting, and they are already boxed and pretty. I couldn't. I handed over the debit card and proceeded to carry my gold covered strawberries through the mall while my jaw was dragging the floor. 
So basically, I can say I am 0 for 2 on the strawberry front. Last year was a fiasco but at least we had them and this year, well it was the thought that counted?
Maybe next year I'll get it right. Here is to 2013! 


Mommy Webb

Hehe. Love your strawberry story. Glad you had such a great date night. I can't wait to see the Vow.