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Monday, April 1, 2013

8 Months

Weight: I would guess you are around 20 lbs right now. Mainly because I got on the scale the other day and then got on again holding you so I was about 20 lbs heavier. You go for your 9 month well check on Thursday so I will know for sure then.

Health: You came down with a nasty cold this month and it was your first. You didn't really have a fever just a runny nose and a lot of drainage. It took you about a week to get over it and you were mostly still your self and didn't act like you felt bad. But you HATED the nasal aspirator and I've never seen a bigger fit being thrown. Ever.

Sleep: Other than coughing during the night with your cold, sleep hasn't really changed much. When I say I know I am blessed to have such a great sleeper I really mean it. I know that there are some kids that just don't sleep and I totally feel for their mothers. You are a rock star sleeper and it makes my life so much easier!

Social: We actually went to a play date this month and it was very interesting. Mainly because you haven't really been around other babies and it was kind of fun to see you interact with other babies your age. You got in a tug of war with one kid over a rattle and when the kid swiped it from your hands you swiped it right back. Good for you, kid. Don't take that from him :) I kid.

Diet: You still eat your purees if the veggies are mixed with a fruit. You are getting so good at picking things up and putting them in your mouth. You love doing this with Puffs, pieces of toast with cream cheese, pieces of sweet potatoes, yogurt dots. You will NOT eat a pea to save your life. It is definitely a struggle to get you to eat veggies like this. 

Clothes: Still in the same clothes and we haven't gotten to switch yet thanks to this Kentucky weather. But I feel that warmer temps are just around the corner so the sweaters will be put up soon.  

Loves the most: You still love to pull up and try to walk. Your toys are pretty much the same. You kind of go in circles and will play with one more than others and then switch it up the next week. Right now, as in today, your like your bath toys and a cup dad let you have from the kitchen. Really.

Milestones: You can clap and wave bye bye to people now! It really is adorable in the morning when dad leaves for work and you wave at him as he is leaving the house. You are also saying "mama" consistently and also saying "bye bye" now, too. You are still working on walking and we got you a stand behind walker that you seem to be having fun pushing and walking with. My favorite milestone is you giving kisses now. The first time you did it I was laying on the floor and you crawled up to me and leaned over with your mouth all open and drooly and pressed it against my cheek. I seriously had tears in my eyes it was the sweetest thing ever. Now it takes some coaxing to get you to do it, and you will only do it for me, but it is so stinkin' cute.

Time is flying by way too fast and I kind of need it to slow down so you can stay little for a bit longer. Here I am starting to plan your first birthday party and it just doesn't seem like we have had you for that long. You make my heart bigger every day because I love deeper every day. You are so loved.



katie ridings

Happy 8 months little one!! Matthew will be 8 months next week. It's so crazy how fast the months go!! 4 more months till their first bdays!!