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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

7 months

Weight: I'm not really sure how much you weigh since you won't go back to the Dr. until your 9 month well check, but if I had to guess you would probably be around 18 or so pounds. You look really skinny but your fat is all in your cheeks and double chin!

Health: You are a perfectly healthy little boy. In fact, other than a small fever you had when you were around 3 months old, you haven't been sick at all since you were born. I know it is because you are mostly around me all day everyday and not at a daycare where germs multiply.

Sleep: We started off the month thinking that nap times were going to be a struggle from here on out... since you have learned to pull up. I would put you in your crib and you would immediately use the rails to stand and there you would stay and cry. Luckily you learned how to sit back down and now you go to sleep after playing around in your crib for a good 15 minutes.

This is the first time I saw you standing on your own. You were fussing at the end of a nap and I happened to look at the monitor and this is what I saw. I may have freaked out a little bit... but you know, managed to get this picture before running in to save you!

Social: You got to go to bible study with us this month and meet all of the babies in the group. You were the only mobile one so you basically terrorized and crawled over all the poor babies that were just laying on the floor. You didn't mean it though :) You don't mind strangers or when other people hold you, which I secretly love. I don't want you to be shy like me.

Diet: You are taking 4 bottles a day and then eating pureed foods 3 times a day. You have tried butternut squash, plums, and broccoli this month. You actually loved the broccoli but I think only because I mixed it with apples. You LOVE apples.

Clothes: I've been packing away more clothes lately. Since you wear cloth diapers and they are more bulky, you are starting to stretch out your 6 month onsies. It will probably be time to move up to 9 months soon. 

Loves the most: You love your mom and dad of course. And you love your Poppy (my dad). You seriously smile so big when he walks in the door. I hope you all are best buds. You also still love your lady bug toy.

Milestones: Well, you are growing fast bud because when you turned 7 months you decided that was the day you would stand up. And now you stand up all. the. time. It's funny because you barely play with your toys these days because you are so busy trying to stand and walk. You will pull up on the couch for a second, then go to the window, then the TV stand. Shew, it's exhausting just watching you. A toy may catch your eye when you are passing from one place to the next, but mostly you want those little legs to work.

It is so cute when you stand at the window because you throw the curtain back to look out. Oh and the grey thing is a foam tube we put on the window because someone was gnawing at the sill and would get pulled away with paint chips on his face... but I won't name names or anything. 

You are getting so big so fast. Sometimes I want time to stop so you will be little forever. Dad asked me the other night when you aren't considered a "baby" anymore. And even though that will probably be when you reach a year old and become a toddler, you will always be my little baby. My first born baby. My baby that made me a momma.
I love you.