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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 Months

Half a year? Are you serious? I can't even believe that Sam turned 6 months on the 1st. I know this is a tad bit late... but better late than never, right? Said every mom in the history of the universe.

December was a crazy month for us as a family. We had individual friend parties, work parties, birthday parties, trips to Nashville, 7 family Christmases, and even a Christmas out of town at my aunt and uncle's house. Whew. I am just now rested up.

So, now you can see why I am a bit late. Here are a few of the things that Sam is up to this month!

Weight: You officially weighs in at 17 lbs. Dude, you are heavy. It is seriously a workout to carry you and a bag of laundry up from the basement. But I shouldn't complain about burning those extra calories :)

Health: No reports here. We are hoping to stay away from this dreaded flu bug that is going around. I'm guessing that staying inside and away from people in general might help in that department. Basically we are hermits until we can come out and play. You just got the flu shot at your 6 month appt. and we have to go back for another at the beginning of February.

Sleep: Still sleeping from about 7:45-8:00 until 7 in the morning. Thank the Lord for Moms on Call!!

Social: I have loved seeing your personality come out more and more as you get older. You are much more smiley and talkative now then even a month ago. However, you are still serious sometimes especially when you see something new and are trying to figure it out.

Diet: You are now eating pureed baby foods. I am making all of your foods and so far you have had sweet potatoes, bananas, peas, apples, and carrots. You loved the sweet potatoes and the apples... everything else... not so much. I have to mix different combos so you don't make these awful faces. Feeding you is seriously the funniest time ever. Hopefully I am going to introduce avocados, plums, broccoli, and pears soon.

This was after introducing carrots. There was a lot of gagging and ugly faces going on.

Clothes: We packed away all of your 3 month outfits this month. You fit well into 6 month pants but could probably do bigger onsies. You also need to move up to 9 month pj's too! 

Loves the most: Sam got a Baby Einstein bouncer for Christmas and he LOVES it! He also loves this musical activity table that lights up. He got so many new toys over Christmas that he just scoots around the floor to play with them all.

Milestones: You. Are. Mobile. As in crawling. Not so much the crawling on your hands and knees... it's definitely a modified version but trust me, you can get anywhere you want to go. Especially if that place includes the remote control, and if that's the case you are there in 2.5 seconds. Gone are the days that I can walk out of the room with you on the floor. So now I just have to stick you in your bouncer so you don't get into something you shouldn't. You are also babbling up a storm these days saying things like "Bababababa," and even some "Mamamama," in there. I know you don't know that what you are saying means "Mom" but I like to pretend you are talking to me.
Also, you have 2 bottom teeth! They have broken through and are growing bigger everyday. I love seeing your teeffes when you grin. 

It is such a joy to watch you grow. Everyday I look at you and am in awe that you are you and you are mine (and your daddy's). I love you something fierce, kid.