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Friday, January 27, 2012

18 weeks

Welp, there it is... my first belly bump picture of this pregnancy. I know, sue me, it's been 18 weeks and this is the first picture I've taken. Honestly I consider it a dang triumph that I even got this. Let's take a look shall we...
1. I actually have decent clothes on. Not pajama's, not a slouchy shirt that belongs to my husband. Score.

2. My hair is actually fixed and looks somewhat decent. This is actually huge because if I am being honest I can say that I have only straightened or fixed my hair 2 days (oh yes) during this 18 weeks. So the fact that it isn't up in a ponytail straight out of the shower is a double score. At the beginning of my pregnancy my hair was falling out. Not typical, lose a few in the shower. I'm talking whole handfuls of the stuff and it kind of got to the point where I was a little worried because my hair was oh.so.thin. That's one of the reasons I was actually afraid to fix it in the morning. I mean I wanted to keep those fighters that were still hanging in there. Now... my hair is a grease ball straight out of the shower. Who knew that pregnancy could do these things? I didn't... people forgot to inform me.

3. I am beginning to see the upswing to not being so nauseous and sick anymore. Triple score. It only took about 18 weeks for this to happen. I still get sick every now and then (like I have been sick twice this week already) but I will take those few and far between days any day now that on the days I am not sick I feel completely great. So much better than the 24 hours of it.

Hopefully the pictures will become a weekly thing now that I am starting to feel better. I really do want to document this whole pregnancy. And honestly that is going to include the happy and joyous right there along with the bad. If this has taught me anything it's that pregnancy can be HARD. I am sure there are some out there dealing with way worse issues than I am, but I only know what I am feeling and what I am going through. Being so sick you are on 2 types of medication is both mentally and physically exhausting. I know it will be way worth it in the end.... and like my fav blogger Loves of Life said today in her post.... I don't want to seem ungrateful. I am. I totally am.  I am excited about what is happening now that I can feel the baby kick and squirm around in my belly and I am excited to prepare his/her room and count down until baby gets here. BUT, I can't say that I have completely enjoyed pregnancy up until this point. I mean, seriously, who can say they enjoy having their face in the toilet for most of the day.... it's not a very pretty place.

BUT, things are getting exciting. Nick and I are going on Wednesday to find out the sex of the baby!! I. CANNOT. WAIT. I am so excited I almost want to just sleep through the weekend so it will go ahead and be here already!
Any guesses? I have a feeling but I'm not tellin.....