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Hi! I'm Kim- a wife, momma, daughter, sister, friend. I love UK, going out for a good glass of wine, cooking, spending too much time on pinterest, and making new memories. I love my life and you're welcome to read about it!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

13 weeks!

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight gain: -2 lbs (thanks to my gag reflex)
Maternity clothes? I only have a pair of maternity leggings and a shirt but it seems I need to invest in some pants... I can't button a single pair of my regular ones :(
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: it's a hit or miss. I am so completely exhausted that I've been going to bed around 8:30 but I am waking up at least twice in the middle of the night to use the bathroom... I can only imagine this will get worse!
Best moment this week: That I felt great on Sunday and got all my Christmas shopping done in one day... which was a huge accomplishment if you knew how sick I have been.
Miss Anything? Yes, my appetite! Where did it go? Who knew you could be so incredibly hungry but can't think of a single thing that sounds good to eat. Story of my life right now.
Movement: Not yet, but I am excited for when it happens!
Food cravings: I was craving low acid orange juice there for a while but now its nothing.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes, everything. Raw meat especially and the thought of chicken...ewwww
Gender: Don't know yet but we will find out at the end of January

Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: You name it, I've got it.... nausea, vomiting, heartburn, metal taste in my mouth, tired
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am so very happy to have this baby in my belly and experience this with my husband. Everytime he kisses my belly and talks to the baby, my heart melts a little more... but if anyone knows me, they know I am the worst sick person ever so the fact that I feel horrible 90% of the time kind of stinks.
Looking forward to: This being my last week in my first trimester!! They say that is when you start to feel better so I say BRING IT!

Christmas is this weekend so I will get to show off my somewhat baby bump to family I haven't seen in a while.